Lego Revealed Its Largest Set Yet, Lego Titanic With Staggering 9,090 Pieces

Lego Titanic

This is one humongous set and you might need a whole room to display it. Lego just unveiled an appropriately huge kit centered around the most famous ship of all time: the Titanic. The Lego Titanic comes in with 9,090 pieces. The complete build will stretch 53 inches in length. We are not surprised, the Lego Titanic is very costly at $630. It’ll be available for buy exclusively at the Lego Store starting November 8 and it is limited in numbers.

Lego Titanic

The Lego Titanic was designed with authenticity in mind. The cross-section is highly detailed and includes the grand staircase, boiler room, smoking lounge, and other rooms and fixtures. You’ll create the promenade deck, swimming pool, and ship’s bridge as well. While you can display it as a complete set, it also splits into 3 sections so that you can overwhelm visitors by showing them all of the interior work of the ship.

Lego Titanic

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