Legoland Japan’s Upcoming Menu Looks Delicious

Legoland Japan

There’s a brand new Legoland that will be opening in Nagoya, Japan soon. And with its opening will come to a whole lot of amazing-looking food based on the Legos that inspired the entirety of the attraction. The snacks you’ll see in Legoland are going to be absolutely outstanding.

Legoland Japan will open with 7 themed areas with five restaurants, and eight food stands. You will be able to have a lot of meals inspired by Legos, tasty treats you’ll be able to pick up throughout the theme park.

There’s a whole introduction of Lego-related food for the food lovers, including an Abominable Slush you can find in the Bricktopia area, hot dogs from the Marina Snack Shack in the Lego City zone, roast beef and French toast in the Knight’s Kingdom zone, chocolate ices in Lego blocks, and many more.

Legoland Japan Legoland Japan Legoland Japan

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