Lego’s Biggest Ever: Rome’s Colosseum Set With 9,036 Lego Pieces

lego Rome Colosseum

Check out this amazing Lego set which is the largest of them all and you need to assemble 9,036 pieces to create the Colosseum in Rome, the “largest Lego brick set released to date.”

Architecture and Lego fans will find lots to love here, It is highly detailed. “This epic Lego model features a recreation of the three distinct stories from the Colosseum, with each of these stories adorned with the columns of the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders,” Lego said in a statement Thursday when it unveiled the set.

The set comes with 9,036 pieces of the Colosseum snatched the record for biggest Lego set from the 7,541-piece Star Wars Millennium Falcon released in 2017.

Lego has taken the sweet time to create this set. It comes in 3 shades of brick colors that give it an actual look. Lego even counted the “ribs” that make up a fundamental part of the viewer stands. It has 80 of them. Once finished, the set will be 10.5 inches (27cm) high, 23.5 inches (59cm) long, and 20.5 inches (52cm) wide.

“Hopefully, people will be encouraged to learn more about the original through the activity of building the Lego model,” said set designer Rok Zgalin Kobe.

Lego suggests the grand brick kit for builders 18 or older. It will be available to buy in Lego retail stores and from the website from Nov. 27, which will be Black Friday in the States.

As you can imagine it is expensive. It will cost you $550 to own. Check out the video below.


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