Lens Flares How They Are Used in Movies And The History and Science Behind It

2016-03-30 03_23_07

Vox explains the history and science behind lens flares and how they are used in movies. Lens flares used to be considered a mistake that cinematographers avoid in the olden times but nowadays we don’t get lens flare with the modern cameras and technologies so we created our very own lens flair and watch the video above for the best explanation.

The worst example of lens flares in the modern cinema history is J.J. Abrams Star Trek which he apologized for later on.

Aesthetically, trends have shifted from masking flare to embracing it. Once Cool Hand Luke and other ’60s movies broke the unwritten rule against flare, it quickly spread from the art house to the entire Hollywood galaxy, encompassing everything from action movies like Die Hard to sci-fi films like Planet of the Apes and onward.


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