Leonardo DiCaprio’s 11 Best Performances

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the Oscar for his grueling role in ‘The Revenant.’ and today for the love of Leo we feature here 11 of his best performances from the blockbuster movies.




Critics can sneer all they like at the film’s sappy, cliché-ridden dialogue, but it wasn’t just the spectacle of the sinking CGI ship that sold all those tickets. The young female audience that made this the best-selling film of all time were sold not just on DiCaprio’s pretty face but on the commitment he and Kate Winslet brought to the roles. It’s their chemistry that keeps the film afloat.

This Boy’s Life


This Boy's Life

DiCaprio’s first film performance practically set the template for what was to come: Here’s his first watchful, smarter-than-he-looks tough kid (he was actually 19 when he shot it), challenging the authority of a malign regime, in this case his abusive stepfather, played by Robert De Niro. Oddly, considering they’re both such favorites of director Martin Scorsese, the two have yet to co-star in one of the latter’s works, and after This Boy’s Life they only shared screen time in one other film: the weepy Marvin’s Room.

The Beach


The Beach

Like Celebrity, The Beach nods at its star’s taste for hedonism in the real world but this sharp, satirical adventure also heralded DiCaprio’s interest in broadening his palette to include darker roles in edgier, more ensemble-driven films.

Revolutionary Road


Revolutionary Road

Although not greeted with the accolades its makers seemingly expected, Sam Mendes’ glowering, bitter examination of a fraying 1950s marriage revealed a DiCaprio gone to seed, on the cusp of middle age and racked with disappointment.

Romeo + Juliet


Romeo + Juliet

This dazzling, contemporary-dress interpretation of the Shakespearean classic was a perfect fit for DiCaprio’s brand of swoon-inducing swagger. Although some of his line readings might lack drama-school polish, he projects the right puppyish intensity for the part, and director Baz Luhrmann exploits his physical presence to the hilt.

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