Life Changing 21st Century Technology

Technology seems to be moving at such a fast pace that it’s often hard to keep up with all of the latest gadgets and devices that promise to revolutionise our lives.

So in order to cut through the clutter, here’s a quick run down of what we consider to be the 21st century’s most life changing technology that has come out in the past few months.


Mobile wallets

It seems incredible that in the 21st century we are still using cash. The handling of money has many disadvantages such as the facts that it’s dirty, inconvenient and can be expensive in terms of handling fees.

So that’s why there has been a race on to develop a new system of paying for products. All of the major technological heavyweights have been involved such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet with varying degrees of success.

However, one upstart has been South Africa’s very own Snapscan. In less than one year, the fledgling company has seen its software that enables the user to make a payment via their mobile phone being taken up by no less than 12,000 businesses.

This comes at an important time in South Africa’s booming online market, where there is a great deal of home-grown online content from entertainment to shopping to even highly popular leisure activities such as online casino gaming that could all greatly benefit from this method of paying and being paid!


Wearable technology

As our devices get smaller and smaller, there has been a great deal of interest in the development of wearable technology. So now there are armbands that can monitor your heart rate and body mass index, to motorcycle helmets that give you a futuristic head-up-display of road layouts and mapping all on the inside of your visor!

But the big area of competition is that of smartwatches. Already there have been some incredible designs on the market such as the deluxe Withings Activitie which encases an activity tracker in its slick Swiss exterior.

However, the main entrant into this brand new market will be that of the Apple Watch. With their rock solid reputation for great design and user-friendly interfaces, the Apple Watch is due for release in spring 2015. And with key features rumoured to include a personalised watch face, messaging and notifications, as well as a range of activity trackers and apps, it looks like it will be the smartwatch to beat.

Googles_Lexus_RX_450h_Self-Driving_Car (Custom)

Self-drive cars

However, the most mind-boggling of recent technological advances has to be that of self-driving cars. Using the latest in GPS technology and ultrasonic sensors, the self-driving cars will aim to prove the theory that they are much safer than human drivers.

And there was an excellent example of how far these cars have come at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where an Audi executive summoned a self-drive car onto the stage with him from its long solo journey originating in San Francisco!

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