LIFE Simulator Game Gives Fans A New Series To Live Through


If you are a fan of simulation games then here you have a whole new series to look forward to. While they will bring in different developers for each one, NACON has revealed the LIFE series during NACON Connect! In their reveal trailer, we get a sneak peek into Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator, Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator, and Train Life: A Railway Simulator. But, these are not it you will also get Surgeon Life: A Hospital Simulator and Architect Life: A Building Simulator.

Chef Life is being developed by Cyanide Studio and will put gamers at the head of a restaurant, and you are going to manage from top to bottom, from fulfilling the kitchen demands to serving tables. Hotel Life is being developed by Ringzero and will take players behind the scenes of a pleasant holiday destination. Train Life is being developed by Simteract and will let players drive trains, yes the iconic ones, and for the first time in a simulator in this genre, you also control the development of your company.

Developers are different, the release dates for each game are different as well. We don’t have a date for Chef Life, Surgeon Life, nor Architect Life. However, Hotel Life already has a Steam page and is set to release on January 27, 2022, and Train Life will be coming out in early access on July 15th, but no Steam page is live yet.

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