Light up Your Fandom: 4 Tips for Displaying Your Collectibles

Freddy Krueger Sideshow Collectibles Action Figure

Collecting is a great hobby. Figuring out how to show things off, though, can be a headache. Fortunately, you can follow these four quick tips to better show off your collectibles.

Quality, Not Quantity

If you are looking to make your collection look impressive, try to hold off from displaying every piece. Instead, make sure you display the pieces that are the most impressive. Choosing quality over quantity allows you to show off your best pieces and helps stop them from getting lost in the shuffle. If you’ve got too much to display at once, you can also consider rotating pieces in and out of the display. There’s no reason everything has to be up at once, after all!

Light It Up

Great lighting can make anything look impressive. Take some time to experiment with different styles of lighting that can help you to show off your collection. Depending on the type of collectible, you might want to invest in anything from some simple track lighting on your shelves to a dedicated spotlight. The bigger the job, the more likely it is that you’ll want professional help, though—bad lighting can actually cause physical harm to some types of collectibles. Reach out to an electrician, like Fowler Electric LTD, for more lighting options.

Keep It Organized

The organization is the difference between displaying a collection and letting it overrun your home. Take some time to look at your collection and figure out exactly how it’s displayed. Does it look like there was an attempt to keep things together by theme or size? Is there any logic behind how things are displayed, or are they just thrown together haphazardly? The difference between having a display that looks like a child’s room and one that looks at home in an adult’s space tends to be the care taken to keep everything in some kind of order.

Look at Specialty Shelving

Finally, take some time to think about the way in which your items are displayed. There are great specialty shelves out there that will fit everything from comic books to figurines. You can even get creative by repurposing items like shadowboxes to baseball displays in order to show off your own personal collectibles. When you have specialized shelving, your collection looks like it took much more effort to show off. This, in turn, should others to better appreciate what you have chosen to display.

Take pride in your collection. If you pay attention to what you show off and how it’s displayed, others will be impressed by what you’ve put together. Nothing’s better than showing off what you’ve got, so take some time to make it look great.

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