Lisa Lloyd Created These Gorgeous 3D Paper Sculptures

Gorgeous 3D Paper Sculptures

Paper art is a fascinating form of art that is rapidly gaining recognition and acceptance worldwide. In recent years, paper artists have been specializing in creating various types of artwork using paper as their medium, ranging from paper cutting to paper quilling and paper sculpture. It’s a unique and sensational form of art that has captured the hearts of many, and Lisa Lloyd, a UK-based illustrator, is a phenomenal artist who is making a statement with her 3D paper sculptures.

Lisa Lloyd began working with paper eight years ago, after working as a graphic designer and animator for an animation company in London. She discovered her passion for paper crafts and decided to focus on creating sculptures entirely made from paper. Her main profession now is to hand-cut paper and create stunning 3D sculptures, which are mostly inspired by nature. As a nature lover herself, Lisa draws inspiration from the endless beauty of nature and uses paper as her medium to express its infinite beauty, capturing even the tiniest details in her creations.

Lisa Lloyd’s paper sculptures are awe-inspiring, and her attention to detail is truly remarkable. Her work showcases the versatility of paper as a medium and demonstrates that it’s possible to create intricate and delicate artworks using this material. She has created an impressive portfolio of work, including a range of animals, flowers, and even cityscapes, all crafted entirely from paper.

In order to achieve the desired patterns, color, symmetry, and texture, she meticulously picks out paper with interesting colors and finishes. She proceeds by cutting the paper into smaller pieces that will make up the tiny details. Every strand of a bird’s feather, every scale on a chameleon’s body, is elaborately crafted by hand. The results are incredible 3D paper sculptures that look so vivid and visually captivating.

Take A Look At Some Of Her Stunning Collection Of Handcrafted 3D Paper Sculptures:

lisa lloyd 3d paper sculptures bee


lisa lloyd 3d paper sculptures bee detail


lisa lloyd hand cuts paper small pieces


lisa lloyd 3d paper sculptures bee tiny details


lisa lloyd 3d paper sculptures bee wings


lisa lloyd 3d paper sculptures chameleon


lisa lloyd 3d paper sculptures chameleon head


lisa lloyd hand crafts paper sculpture


lisa lloyd 3d paper sculptures chameleon tail




lisa lloyd 3d paper sculptures flowers


lisa lloyd 3d paper sculptures seafood plate



lisa lloyd 3d paper sculptures prawn


lisa lloyd 3d paper sculptures avocado

Now, here’s the good news. You can buy these amazing artworks in printed and sculpture formats. Visit the artist’s website to choose from a wide range of available prints for only £49 (around $61) each piece. The artist works on a commission basis so you may need to contact her thru her website to discuss the subject. The cost varies depending on the scale and level of detail of the paper sculpture. But pricing usually starts at around £200 (around $250).

lisa lloyd 3d paper sculptures commission

Source: Lisa Lloyd | Instagram

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