Little-Known Facts About Hump-Day Wednesday


We know Wednesdays as the day in between the workweek. However, indeed there are other facts about Wednesday that most of you do not know. It would be exceptionally good to know about those facts and maybe see a pattern. Who knows, maybe the facts in this article will change your perspective about this day of the week.

You often take your Wednesdays for granted and treat it as a day wherein you get over the hump. Fun fact, the reason why Wednesdays are “hump days” because it marks the middle of the workweek and two more days before the weekend. It does not mean anything sexual, nor does it point out the hump on a camel’s back.

Now that you know one fact about Wednesdays, it is time to learn more. Read the rest of this article about Wednesdays. You should be able to see what else the world is up to during this day. You might even get to learn which wonders and special events happen on a Wednesday!


Wednesdays Were Once The Luckiest Day Of The Week In The Stock Market

The stock market is unpredictable and complicated. However, statistics show that Wednesdays often yielded the best numbers since 1932. You might think that Wednesdays and the stock market have some sort of a pattern made for gains. Wednesdays on the Stock Market typically produced 2,179$ for S&P 500 during this day. 

This figure is miles ahead of the returns for any other day. So, if you have an S&P profile or investment before, it would have been the best time to check on it every Wednesday. Who knows, your Wednesdays may have just yielded you a ton of money. Guess we will never know as this trend shifted back to Saturdays since 2008.

Wednesdays at the Stock Market would have been so hectic. One thing is definitely for sure: we would not have wanted to be one of those people down the trading floors. Your regular Wednesdays was once a much-awaited weekday for the people back in Wall Street!


The Holy Week Starts On A Wednesday

This fact is a commonly known one towards Christians and Catholics alike. The Ash Wednesdays that they observe six and a half weeks before Easter marks the start of Lent. Lent is a period wherein Christians and Catholics show their devotion by fasting and following other religious practices. Confession is also a common practice during these times.


If you know a Christian or a Catholic, you will get to see why Wednesdays signify a different start during this period. Most of them will be limiting their food intake and even avoid meat during this six-week stretch. So, it would be the best idea if you avoid any night involving meat, grilled meat, or any of those delicacies!

There is also a mass that occurs during Ash Wednesdays. In this tradition, Christians and Catholics receive a mark shaped like a cross on their forehead. The cross is made up of ash, thus the name Ash Wednesday.


Judas Betrayed Jesus On A Wednesday

The start of Lent is not the only significant Wednesday in the Catholic and Christian beliefs. Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ on a Wednesday called the “Good Wednesday.” This betrayal happened three days before Easter. Typically, this Wednesday falls into the most intense week in Catholic belief regarding repentance and fasting. 

If you do not know Judas, he was the disciple who betrayed Jesus Christ by exploiting him. The bible says that Judas was the one and sole reason why the Romans were able to capture Jesus Christ, thus his crucifixion. Some countries of strong Catholic and Christian belief typically declare these days as holidays. Rarely will you see Catholic-dominated countries report to work on these days?


There Is A Wednesday-Inspired Football Team

Talk about the love for football on Wednesdays extending into the professional scenes. The Sheffield Wednesdays are a team that originated back in 1820. This professional football team used to refer to themselves as the Wednesday Cricket Club. They named their club Wednesdays because they typically met around this time as this day marked their day-offs. 


They may call themselves Wednesdays, but they can perform well on any given day, not just a Wednesday. The team also had roots in Darnall as they used to call themselves as the Darnall Wednesdays. These guys couldn’t simply be creative enough and give themselves a more intimidating name!


Mercury And Wednesday Have Similar Astrological Sign

You may have been able to come across the symbol ☿. This symbol is the astrological symbol of Wednesday and Mercury. The symbol can be directly translated into the Roman “Dies Mercurii,” which also points directly as the Roman translation for Wednesday. So, you may need to be more concise in using this astrological sign.


Wednesday Might Be Your Lucky Day 

There are a lot of Wednesday facts that are not known to humanity. We may have to wait a handful more years, if not decades, for another Wednesday pattern to show up. Until then, we must research the other significant events that took place on a Wednesday. Until then, we can only refer to it as the day that gets us over the hump and a little closer to the weekends.

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