Live Action Dumbo Movie Eyes Will Smith And Tom Hanks


Tim Burton eyeing some big names for the upcoming live action Dumbo movie. Deadline is reporting that Will Smith is in talks for a leading role in Dumbo, for which role it is still unclear. Variety also reports Tom Hanks has been offered a part as well. Hanks would play the central Dumbo villain. There’s no word yet, however, as to exactly what that character might be and the same report hints that a potential conflict may prevent Hanks from taking the role.

Dumbo, released in 1941, marked Disney’s fourth full-length animated feature and told the story of a young circus elephant who, mocked for his enormous ears, discovers that he can actually use them to fly. The new film, which is planned to blend CGI and live-action.

Disney is on to reviving all the classic stories into live action movies.

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