Loki And Thor Snuggle Blanket

Never have you wished for the Odinsleep so badly. Pascalle Lepas is an illustrator and design technologist who decided to create an image of Loki and Thor snuggling her, get it printed onto a blanket, and love the crap out of it. We don’t blame her one bit. And guess what? It could be yours.

She writes:

 “I am a perfectionist, so I’m thinking about selling this blanket because I want to change a couple of things and then order another. It would be $40 + shipping.” 

You can email or message her on Tumblr if you’re interested, until then, check out some pictures of the fandom fueled blanket and view the original artwork.

Here’s her original sketch.

And here’s her finished artwork.

There’s a joke to be made about brining spears and hammers to bed but I’m not going to make it.


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