London: So Much to See and Do!

With a population of almost 8.3million (July 2013), London is a hugely vibrant and exciting city owing to the multitude of cultures and ethnicities in its environs. London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom and is a fantastic destination for a city break.

The city itself covers an area of 1572 km2, this includes the city divisions known as boroughs. There are many attractions to see in this English city and some of them are free. Obviously there will be some paid attractions too but without doubt you can definitely make a visit to London on a budget.

London has an amazing nightlife which cannot be ignored. The city centre is adorned with lights and at night areas like Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square are exciting to be around. The world famous West End hosts amazing musical theatre shows for visitors. Tickets for these shows can be a bit expensive if you are on a budget but look out for the deal kiosks close to the theatres as they sell them at discounted prices near start times! There are also a wide range of bars and restaurants to suit all tastes dotted around the city.

Shopping is excellent in London also with the main shopping street being Oxford Street. There are many other excellent shopping centres located all around the capital with most tastes accommodated. Westfield London is one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe and is well worth a visit.

Travel to London through Heathrow Airport which is one of the world’s busiest airports. The city also has smaller airports that service it so you are sure to find a route that suits you. This info-graphic gives further insight in what to visit in London and some more interesting facts which hopefully you enjoy! (via)

London: So Much to See and Do!

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