Look Back at 2017’s Movies in This Incredible Final Cut

hitmans bodyguard

2018 is here and we have a year packed with good movies ahead, Before we start on this new adventure of movie watching, let take one more look back at the films of 2017 in this video called Final Cut 2017, It is edited by Nick Bosworth, who says:

Wow…we’ve finally reached the end of 2017. It’s been a long and challenging year to say the least with a vast amount of twists and turns along the way. A year of bad decisions, good decisions and growth in ways I couldn’t possibly imagine. I couldn’t have gotten through it however without the support of my amazing girlfriend Lynn, my family, our leader JoBlo and the amazing site crew, my close friends and of course…the power of amazing cinema.

If I’ve learned anything in this past year, it’s that time, honesty, friendship and clear-thoughts are precious things that one must take great care with or you risk going down the wrong path. With that I present my return to the year-end movie mashup with Final Cut 2017 and wish everyone a brilliant and wonderful 2018.

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