What Should You Look For In a Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

Gaming has become a lifestyle as technology has grown wild over the past 30 years. Playing a video game for hours on end is almost expected in this industry. Hunching over your controller and sitting on the hard floor isn’t necessary anymore. In fact, an entire niche of gaming chairs is available for your use. If you’re wondering what you should look for in a gaming chair, it’s time to break down the features that distinguish each model from the next one.

Match the Shape to the Use

Pick a chair that matches your gaming style. Currently, there are five different styles. Video rockers and beanbag chairs offer minimal comfort for gaming that’s close to the floor. If you’re more serious about your gaming, try a racing cockpit or pedestal chair to see everything on your screen. The traditional racing seat looks like a standard, office chair. However, it has upper-back and shoulder supports that keep you going well into the night. Consider your playing style as you try each one of these designs.

Adjustable Everything

If you’re unfamiliar with video-game chairs, they may look like office equipment. However, official chairs have many more adjustments compared to the typical, desk chair. Lifting, locking, lumbar supporting and other adjustments conform the chair to your body. Look for adjustments that number more than just three or four points. Your figure must be supported regardless of its shape. Larger gamers may want a wider seat, whereas competitive gamers require a tall backrest for those long sessions.

Bluetooth Capability

Chairs with Bluetooth capabilities allow the gaming experience to spread throughout a home. The game’s audio might run through the speakers embedded in the chair. Simply connect the system to your chair. It’ll automatically detect the devices during each game play. If you’re gaming with several other people, the sounds move through each seat as players move across the virtual landscape. You may be able to control the game with a handset that has no wires. Bluetooth has almost no limits when it’s part of a gaming setup.

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Vibrations Galore

With audio and visual effects taking off at a record pace, the only missing component is physical movement. Some chairs for gaming will have some vibration abilities. As a gun fires or bomb explodes, feel this action with the technology embedded in the seat. It really makes a difference in your gameplay. Each player in a multiplayer environment will feel their own simulations through the chair. A major upset makes the chair move with the greatest reaction.

Convenience Features

Gamer chairs aren’t all about the video game in front of them. They must also have practical functions. Cup holders, controller pockets, and other features can be part of any design. Many of these features are strategically hidden within the design. Explore the seat before you buy it. Technological additions, such as USB ports, may be within an armrest so that charging a controller or phone is possible. With each model year, the chairs become more complex than ever before.

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Weight Considerations

If you plan on moving the chair around the room, don’t pick those heavy-duty types that can be well over 100 pounds. Gamer chairs can be relatively lightweight too. You simply have to look for those specialized designs. Rocker chairs are easy to move around along with racing seats. If the chair doesn’t have wheels on its base, it may be a more permanent seat after installing it at home. The best chair is the one that serves your particular needs.

The old adage of “getting what you paid for” holds true for any gaming chair. Ideally, inspect the seat before you buy it. Sit in it and think about the comfort level. If you cannot sit in the seat for longer than 10 minutes at a time, it’s not a quality purchase. You should feel comfortable at both the 10-minute mark and 12-hour stopping point to really have a quality, gamer chair.

Additionally, check out this video I found which feature some amazing chairs for your gaming needs.

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