How To Look Like Captain Marvel Before Its Release

Captain Marvel

These past few months’ attention belonged to DC Comics and their films. It was not a very positive outcome for the DC Comics Cinematic Universe as they saw their biggest film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fall under the harsh criticism of the critics early on. However, the fans were the ones that gave a big support in helping the movie cover its cost and earn more than half a billion at the worldwide box office. That is when they marked critics’ reviews as least important because the ultimate edition, which was three hours long, got better remarks and said that Batman v Superman was indeed a good movie.

Just recently, the DCCU dealt with another blow as their most promising movie that showed a sign of hope to get things back on track for the franchise was given hammered by the critics. This is the second movie in a row that got a rating of less than 40% on its opening. I’m talking about Suicide Squad. The movie didn’t receive negative reviews from every critic. There were some that liked it, which is a bit better than compared to Dawn of Justice. Only time will tell if the devotees will believe what they see with their own eyes or will they go with what the so called ‘experts’ say.

Captain Marvel

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Marvel Studios has nothing to worry about when it comes to their movies. To date, all of their films have done well at the box office. It’s only DC that has yet to find their feet after their last Batman solo movie. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is sitting comfortably on the highest grossing charts with their 2016 release, Captain America: Civil War, earning more than a billion dollars worldwide. It made it one of the highest-grossing Hollywood superhero movies ever. Therefore, where their budget is concerned, they are earning big bucks with every release. Some say the reason behind their successful streak is that their movies are less ‘darker’ as compared to DC Comics.’

Marvel’s future does look bright now that Doctor Strange will be releasing later on this year, and everyone is excited to see Sherlock star, Benedict Cumberbatch, play a powerful character of Marvel on the big screen. But that is not the news that Marvel Studios are trending for, it’s about another one of their future films.

Captain Marvel

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More specifically, Captain Marvel! And the hype is evident as fans finally got to see who will be playing the character also known as Ms. Marvel in 2019. Ever since the franchise announced their projects for the coming years, all the way till 2020, one movie was a stand out. While DC Comics announced their female superhero solo movie, Marvel announced theirs. Dates were pushed back because of other projects and as it stands, Captain Marvel will be releasing three years from now. But who will be suiting up as the character? If you think its Ronda Rousey, or Olivia Wilde, you are wrong.

Captain Marvel

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It’s none other than Brie Larson! The actress was on the short list for the role and at the Comic-Con in San Diego, she was officially announced as the one to play Captain Marvel. Although Ronda Rousey should keen interest in playing the character, the directors decided to go with the Academy Award winner. Yes, she is the only one to be casted in her solo film. There is quite some time till the rest of the cast is announced. However, artist that design concept arts of superheroes to show how actresses and actors will look like when they are in character.

Captain Marvel

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BossLogic is the mastermind behind this Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel costume look. Now there is a very strong reason why this could be the suit that she will wear as the titular character. We know that she will be playing the Carol Danvers version of Ms. Marvel, and this costume of hers is the 2010 era and the most recent one. The directors would not want to go for the black Captain Marvel costume, which was the first one that Carol wore. It’s very likely that they will stick to the recent one, and it does suit her, giving her a modern look. Do you want to look like the most likely version of the character that will appear in the movie?

  1. Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Jacket $145
  2. Women’s Lined Red Leather Gloves $30
  3. Women’s Solid Fashion Scarf – Red $10
  4. Sash Clasp Accessory For Cosplay $27
  5. Denim 24/7 Faux Leather Leggings $49
  6. Red Superhero Costume Boots $49

These six are all the items you need for your version of the costume when you prefer spending less and nailing the look. Of course, the hairstyle is not as important as it should be because the overall costume is what the team has to get right.

Captain Marvel

The concept art very closely matches the costume of the comics, which is pictured above. These six items from various clothing stores are what I came across on the net that matched perfectly together to create a Carol Danvers Captain Marvel costume. How about giving comic fans an idea on how Brie Larson can look in her upcoming superhero film? March 8, will mark the debut of the character as well as Brie’s first time playing a superhero character.

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