Lost in Space TV Reboot

Lost in Space TV Reboot

Deadline reports that Irwin Allen’s classic series, “Lost in Space,” is getting a small screen reboot from Legendary TV.

A sci-fi take on Johann David Wyss, “The Swiss Family Robinson” premiered on CBS in 1965 (one year before Gene Roddenberry’s “Star Trek”) and followed a spaceship launched from Earth in the far-off year 1997. Crewed primarily by a family unit (John and Maureen Robinson and their children, Penny, Judy and Will) , the Jupiter 2 also carried the unrelated Major Don West, Doctor Zachary Smith and a Robot, B9, who was primarily just referred to as “Robot.”

“Lost in Space” ran on CBS for three seasons and a total of 83 episodes. Television reboots were twice attempted and there exist unaired pilots for both a virtually unrecognizable 1970s cartoon and a 2003 live-action show, which, despite boasting a pilot directed by John Woo, was not picked up as a series.

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