Louis Vuitton Purses and Bags Turned Into Cool Star Wars Sculptures

Gabriel Dishaw artist by profession created a these cool Star Wars busts and sculptures that use only old Louis Vuitton purses and bags that have been abandoned by their owners. The unique and world-renowned logo serves to add a certain definition and an exclusive touch to the sculpture, nothing is wasted even handles, straps, and zippers also turned into useful stuff. Artist Dishaw is simply a master with the old discarded and abandoned stuff, I am impressed with his work and with the masterpieces he created, check out his sculptures below.

My passion for working with metal and mechanical objects has been essential in the evolution of my art. It provides me an avenue to express myself in a way that brings new life to materials such as typewriters, adding machines and old computers – technology that would normally end up in a landfill. My mission is to create dialogue and help find creative, environmentally sound ways of re-purposing e-waste.



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