Luke Skywalker Cover Art by Greg Horn

Luke Skywalker Cover Art by Greg Horn

Artist Gred Horn has unveiled his spectacular variant cover art for the Game Stop edition of Star Wars #1. This is a big event for Marvel, and you can check out thirty previously released covers for the comic here.

“Here’s the cover you’ve all been hearing HAVE been hearing about this right? The glorious new cover for Star Wars #1 GAMESTOP EDITION? Pre-order this sucker NOW –it’s going to be the largest thing in the world. This painting is special because it is my first full color attempt on paper in about 5 years. Marvel Comics asked for an “inspirational poster” look, and i figured this was the perfect opportunity to break out the brushes and go for the gusto! Share this with a friend, won’t you?”

The Star Wars comics that are being released are set shortly after the destruction of the first Death Star in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. So it takes place between then and The Empire Strikes Back.

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