Luther season 4 Will Not Happen

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Luther season 4 Will Not Happen, Might Get A Movie Instead

First, the bad news: Season three of Luther is the show’s last and Luther season 4 Will Not Happen. And now the good: Showrunner Neil Cross wants to do a movie.

The most recent—and, now, final—season of Luther aired on BBC One last month and is set to debut on BBC America in September. So Americans fans will have four more episodes to watch before they say goodbye to DCI John Luther (Idris Elba) on their TV screens for good.

Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival, Cross confirmed that the show is “finished” on television.When asked about its future, Cross replied: “There is none.“The show’s finished. Idris, as he should be, he’s gone on to be a big movie star.”

Well if you put it like that, I suppose I can’t complain. British showrunners tend to have more leeway than American ones to bring their shows to a natural end. The Office, The IT Crowd, and now Luther all ended after three seasons when their showrunners decided they’d run their creative course.

As for the Luther film, Cross confirmed that he’s been planning one and said he “think[s] there will” be a movie eventually. I wouldn’t hold my breath for something theatrical, but a one-off, made-for-TV deal probably isn’t too far-fetched.

As long as Alice (Ruth Wilson) is there, I don’t care what it is.

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