Mafia 3 Announced!


2K Games is finally set to reveal Mafia III on Aug. 5 at 8 a.m. ET, as part of the annual Gamescom. Little known at this moment about the most fan favorite game, but we can infer a few things from what’s been revealed so far.

The game’s official website bears a logo for Hangar 13, a studio 2K founded in 2014 and headed up by LucasArts veteran Haden Blackman. Blackman spent more than 10 years with the now-defunct Lucasfilm games team.

The Mafia series is known for its period-specific takes on organized crime, and we can form a few hypotheses based on the one teaser image that’s been revealed so far. It looks like Mafia III features a 1970s setting, or perhaps late ’60s, based on the classic style of the muscle cars in the background of the image.

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