MAFIA DEFINITIVE EDITION Delayed But It Looks Gorgeous


New details about Mafia Definitive Edition has been coming out for the last few days over at the official Mafia Twitter account. The tweets I’m going to talk about which leave me a little bummed out. On July 7th they said that they unhappily came to the conclusion to delay the game and push back its release back to September 25th from its initial release date of August 28th. This doesn’t come as a surprise as the game was just revealed in mid May, and was set up to be released at the end of August. With the ongoing global pandemic, it was only a matter of time. It’s a terrifying situation for the people of this planet right now, and I’m sure it’s a very difficult job trying to improve and finish a game during it. They sound upset that they have to move the date back, and I feel bummed out as well.


In the same tweet that they delayed the game, they actually revealed that we would be getting gameplay reveal on the 22nd of this month. Following that tweet, they also provided a very short teaser that looks utterly gorgeous. To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. I am a huge fan of the series and can’t wait for this game to release and get my hands on it. If waiting until the end of September means that the game will be all polished and awesome, then that is totally fine with me. We don’t want one more Mafia 3’s launch all over again.

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