Mafia World: The Go-To Online Mafia Game

Mafia World

Although being a Mafia Boss comes with its fair share of perks, the affluence and extravagance is usually an ominous sign of a ticking time bomb.

History reminds us that crime does not pay, but when it does, it’s only but for a moment.

That’s however not the case for Mafia World, an online mafia game that can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android. Created by GamoVation, one of the leading video game developers in Europe, Mafia World is an improved version of the beloved classic text-based RPG games.

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The game has gained traction since its inception in 2020, which begs the question as to why it has garnered so much support.

Well, here are some features that make Mafia World the go-to online mafia game:


Build and expand your empire

Through Mafia World, players literally get to build and expand their own criminal empires as per their own liking.

A commodity such as Hemp, which is produced in your Hemp Farm, is automatically sold to the dwellers of your empire in order to generate income.

On the other hand, Concrete, which is produced in the Concrete Factory, and Steel, which is produced in the Steel Factory, will play a crucial role in the building and expansion of your empire.


Collect Bosses & Weapons

Having ruthless bosses and lethal weapons is paramount in any criminal organization, as seen from the likes of Al Capone and Pablo Escobar, as it not only adds prestige but also creates fear among your criminal peers.

However, in Mafia World, recruiting legendary bosses and collecting epic weapons will help you win PVP Duels, and in turn help you expand your empire.

Are you up for the challenge of collecting legendary bosses and powerful weapons and become the most infamous criminal boss in Mafia Boss?

Mafia World

Create or join a clan

With the addition of the Clan feature, players can now create clans or join an already existing clan and take part in criminal activities with their friends and other players.

In addition to that, players can conveniently chat with friends and other users from all over the world, by virtue of the in-game chat.


Take part in weekly leagues

On top of all the fascinating features in the game that will keep you entertained for hours on end, Mafia World also has a weekly Mafia Power League where players get embroiled in a contest to see who will amass the most Mafia Power over a period of seven days.

The higher the position you finish in at the end of the weekly league, the better your chances of claiming amazing rewards in the weekly league chests.


Loot depots

Players also get to loot storage depots in real-time together with other gangsters in order to improve their chances of acquiring exclusive items and resources.

For instance, looting production materials at the Military Depot will play an important role in advancing your Mafia career.

Other depots found in the game include: the Boss Depot, Cash Depot, and Item Depot.

Given how the work at GamoVation never stops, there are still a number of amazing features set to be added to Mafia World.

As such, be on the lookout for more in the coming months.

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