Magnetic Shampoo Wrapper

The Magnetic Shampoo Wrapper keeps your shampoo bottle within easy reach right on the wall next to you in the shower. The adjustable silicone strap can be tightened to fit bottles of any size or shape, and it sticks securely to the wall magnet that comes with the strap. In fact, you get two black straps and magnets in the package, so you can keep two shampoo bottles handy. If you have one monster shampoo bottle, you can use both straps and magnets just for this one bottle.

A gentle tug frees the bottle and strap off the magnet and into your hands, and you just need to slap it back on the magnet when you’re done. The design keeps it away from the wall and helps avoid limescale.

Buy now for $45.

Magnetic Shampoo Wrapper

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