Major Highlights Of Samsung Galaxy C9 AS Disclosed

Background of the product:

Once again Samsung has rocked the market floor with the release of two c series smartphone. One is C5 and the other is C7, these two have been released in the market of China. What is actually awe striking is the launch of Galaxy C9 that Samsung has planned. With the launch of previous two series in the Chinese market, it seems that these are exclusively being planned only for this market. However, we can never ignore the fact that Samsung can launch the same in the other markets as well if it expects a good deal of return and acceptance.

Information about the features:

Also known as the model number SM­C900, it is internally referred to as Amy. It is an obvious fact that if it is an addition to the c series, then one can expect it to come up with additional features. Therefore, it is being expected that it would also act as a modification to the previous two models. Additionally, new features are also being desperately expected.Its predecessors, that is, Galaxy C7 has a display of 5.7 inches whereas Galaxy C5 has a display of 5.2 inches. Therefore it is being asserted on the outset that the smartphone termed as Galaxy C9 will have a display just like that of Galaxy C7, that is, 5.7 inches with a full HD touchscreen. Besides, there is no other type of such information that can drop any hint regarding the hardware of the smartphone. Making assumptions, on the other hand, will not serve any purpose.

Price range being expected:

In addition to the information about the display of the smartphone, it has come to pass from a document witnessed that the price of the handset is going to be around Rs. 17,000. According to Sam Murray the C9 won’t be available in the UK and may only see availability in China and possibly India. One thing that needs to be paid heed to is that it is just the predicted price. There is no such assurance that the smartphone will cast the same as is being quoted. There is a scope of the price going away from that listed.

Place where the product is expected to be launched in the near future:

It is a well-known fact that the earlier two members of the C series were released exclusively in the Chinese market. Other than the home market, the smartphones were released nowhere. Keeping the trend of the release of earlier two members, it is being predicted that this model, that is, Samsung Galaxy C9 will also be released in the market of its home nation. Unless and until the phone does not get released, what we can expect is a vent from where we can get at least some information about the looks or else the main features of the phone. This little knowledge about the product has no doubt done its job for whetting the appetite of the consumers.


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