How To Make Your Home Intruder Proof Pokemon Style

Pokemon Go hasn’t died just yet, the game is still generating around $2 million a day of in-app purchases and there are still hungry hordes of wannabe trainers, climbing over garden fences, sneaking into public property and walking out into roads as they desperately swipe upwards to get their hands on the nearest pocket monster on the map.

That’s why Security Direct have created this helpful guide on how to Pokemon Go proof your home, to keep these resilient gamers out and if you’re a player yourself, ensuring no one else nabs that Pikachu hanging out on your back lawn before you.

From guard dogs to electric fences to fog horns they’ve covered everything you could possibly need to deter Pokemon Go-ers from entering your private property. It all depends on how serious the situation is but if you’ve got wannabe trainers pressed up against your windows trying to get their hands on the Jigglypuff chilling on your coffee table then perhaps roller shutters on the windows are also a consideration.

If you’re an avid Pokemon Go player yourself, perhaps keep an eye out for such precautions on people’s property or try to avoid it altogether!

Intruder Proof your Home Pokemon Go Style

Provided by Security Direct

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