Make Your iPad Air Stand Out With A Totally Unique Wrap

iPad Air

As far as you’re concerned, your iPad works like a dream. It’s an impressive gadget that’s capable of everything you want it to do. From taking breathtaking photographs to sending off a last-minute message on WhatsApp and everything in between, you hardly have any complaints regarding the way it helps you stay connected with the world. But there is something – though minor – that gives you pause. Like every single device Apple produces, the minimalist design of your iPad leaves a lot to be desired.

It may cut a sleek profile but there lacks a sense of fun and originality. Its white, glossy frame is shared by millions of other identical iPads. That’s over 282 million iPads to give you an idea of just how common its looks are. Save for the sizing difference from generation to generation, your iPad is the same as every other Apple tablet on Earth.

You’ve worked hard to make your iPad your own. Internally, you’ve managed to successfully distinguish yours from your neighbors by downloading your favorite apps and setting a customized background pic. But externally, there isn’t much you can do, short of painting over the famous apple on the back. Paint, unfortunately, doesn’t provide a long-term solution to your permanent problem of style. It will scrape off at the softest touch.

Luckily, a customized paint job isn’t your only option. Vinyl wraps have been specially designed to take on the lacklustre look of your typical iPad and transform it into something completely individual to its user. When made with 3M vinyl iPad skins can adopt textures and colors of your choosing. These wraps will cover up the boring white iPad with something as distinctive as red carbon fiber or as chic as zebra wood.

But before you rush out to find the most impressively unique iPad wrap to attach to your gadget, remember the golden rule of wrap shopping: before it can look good, it has to fit well. Not all wrap manufacturers can promise a tailored fit in addition to the coolest designs. When it hasn’t be cut to match your iPad down to the micro-millimeter, it can overhang and interfere with your buttons. A wrap should fit over your iPad like a decal, affixing to its surface without any messy residues. It should cling to every button, bezel, and bend, offering the closest fit possible.

Manufacturers that balance fit with design are hard to come by. Not every company can be like dbrand, which is considered the boss of vinyl for precision cut wraps available in an impressive variety of styles. When you get a new iPad wrap from dbrand, you can expect its material to cover every square inch of the tablet save for the touchscreen, and you can search through the latest textures and colors to satisfy your need for originality.

You may have an iPad that shares the same basic bone structure as millions of others, but nobody needs to know that. Once you attach a customized wrap around your iPad, you’ll have a distinctive gadget in your hands. Best of all, its addition is a thin yet durable form of defence against daily wear and tear, making your iPad fashionable and protected. So say goodbye to Apple’s minimalism and say hello to something entirely you.

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