Make the Most of iTunes in Several Easy Steps


Some 18 years ago, iTunes was considered the top application wherewith you could manage your multimedia library and download content from the Apple store. iTunes’ benefits were manifold: it’s quite lightweight, fast, user-friendly, and packed with a good many useful features. Back in 2000, such features were truly unprecedented. Everybody coveted to try the iTunes app out. Even loyal Windows adherent resorted to various contrivances to install the celebrated software on their Windows devices. By the way, presently, you can also get iTunes 64 bit download and easily install it to your Windows PC. But there’s an opinion that the game isn’t worth the candle. Some say, iTunes has fallen from grace with users that now opt for less expensive, messy, and pretentious alternatives such as AIMP, Helium, MusicBee, etc. Nevertheless, iTunes still remains popular with lots of users who know how to make it more usable and wieldy. If you also prefer to stay loyal to iTunes, you may find the tricks listed below particularly helpful.


Declutter Sidebar

Any owner of a large music library knows how crucial it is to have sorting tools at hand. iTunes also knows it and takes care to provide with what you need and even more…

Let’s take a look at the sidebar located on the left side of the screen. And now try to recall when did you last use, say, “Internet Radio” or manage the local copies of music videos using your sidebar? Let’s face it, a good few options we can see in the sidebar are utterly useless.

It’s about time you made your iTunes sidebar more efficient by removing useless categories. To do it, select the “Edit” option in the top right corner of the sidebar. Make sure to uncheck the boxes corresponding to the categories you want to remove from the panel. We suggest that you’ll be able to get by only with Artists, Albums, and Songs. But it’s up to you to decide, though.


Give up Genius Playlists


Perhaps Genius Playlists have become a good old tradition a lot of users still maintain for no good reason. In fact, this option was useful some time ago, when the process of searching for and downloading music was more complicated. Now there’s an abundance of streaming services that enable you to quickly discover new music and get it onto your device. Thus, the iTunes Genius Playlists prove to be useless and messy. Apart from cluttering your on-screen space, this tool isn’t the safest option in terms of privacy. The point is that Genius Playlists constantly stacks up against your current media library against those of millions of other users. It’s rumored that they use a sort of a secret algorithm for that. Be as it may, but a great many users have already disabled this option in iTunes, so did we. To follow our example, head to your iTunes menu and select File. Then click Library. You’ll be able to disable the Genius Playlists feature from there.


Dispose of Unused Services

First thing, we need to make it clear that by disposing of unused services we mean hiding them. There’s no need to remove them completely (which, by the way, is impossible.)

iTunes is all about versatility and multifunctionality. No wonder Apple has introduced hosts of features and options that have proved redundant and thus useless in the long run. Once again, we suggest that you turn off all those services you don’t use on a regular basis. You can make necessary changes in your restrictions menu, the same place, where you can restrict access to a certain kind of content. Once you disable a specific service, you’ll erase all references to it all across iTunes. If you’ve resolved to put an end to unused services, navigate to the “Preferences” section and select “Restrictions” from there. Untick each box next to the service you’re not interested in. Below are some of the services you may want to hide:

  • Internet Radio
  • Music Profiles and Podcasts
  • Shared Libraries

Note that you’ll be able to activate any of previously disabled services once you feel like using it again.

Hope our tricks will help you get the most out of good old iTunes!




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