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Technology has gone to immense levels when it comes to playing its part in daily human life. One cannot imagine their lives without the use of these gadgets in this day and age. Furthermore, science keeps gifting us with incredible new technologies which make our day to day even simpler yet. To add to the advancement, the internet of things has allowed everything to be more connected with each other. This function has enabled people to be more updated with everything that is happening around them and be more alert if the situation requires. Here are a few gadgets that you can have in your home that will make your life easier and simpler:

Smart Alarm System:

Locking and unlocking your door through your keys can be a hassle, especially if you are in a hurry. You may even risk misplacing your keys, thus locking yourself outside your house. However, the smart alarm system may be your savior, as it does not require keys at all. In fact, it works with your phone’s Bluetooth connection and can be unlocked by using just your phone. Another version of the lock lets you create a PIN code for you to unlock the door. It also has the potential to record a video of any unusual or suspicious activity around your door and send directly to your phone. You may still keep the key lock as well if you need additional security.

Voice Assistants:

While your phone may have a voice assistant of its own, but Google Home and Amazon Alexa are two devices that have taken personal assistance to a whole new level. This device is certainly one step closer to humans have their own robots, attending to our every need. These virtual helpers may not be able to fetch your coffee, but they can certainly listen to your every command and inform you precisely what you need to know. From weather updates to helping you control your home’s temperature, so that you do not come back to a cold house, they can do a lot for you. Due to their versatile functions, they have been growing in demand and are becoming a staple in every modern home.

Smart thermostats:

Even though smart thermostats have been around for quite a while, but the newest innovation makes it much easier to be benefitted from. It has the ability to control your house temperature remotely. Even though a similar feature may be available on the voice assistant devices, but to further add to its features, it can learn your habits for daily chores. With your schedule, it can anticipate when you are leaving home, and when you arrive and heat up or cool the room accordingly. It can also heat your water through your schedule and save you a lot of energy.

Color Changing Bulbs:

Since the innovation of Philips light bulbs, many competitors have entered the market with their own versions of light bulbs. Yet Philips manages to remain at the top with its striking features. The color of the light can be controlled by a phone app and you can give your room a whole new look with just a click on your smartphone. The dimness can also be played with, allowing you to have the perfect lighting.

Electric Cars:

The race for selling the highest number of electric cars is now stronger than ever before. Companies are producing electric powered cars in larger numbers and people are now considering them as a good option. The cars have the capacity to save people money on fuel which can then, in turn, benefit the lifestyle of the user. Not only are these cars environment-friendly, but they are certainly paving the way to a better future.

These inventions will surely improve our lifestyle and make our lives a lot easier to live. Not only are these inventions assisting us but they are also making sure that we cut down our expenses and save energy. In the near future, these gadgets are definitely going to contribute to a better environment on our planet.

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