A Man Was Arrested For Using $2 Bills at Best Buy


Check out this ridiculous video which is called The Two Dollar Documentary. The clip is about a business owner named Mike Bolesta, who used $2 bills for a car stereo. This caused quite an excitement because the cashier and manager had never seen a two dollar bill before and they thought they were fake. Police got involved, they never seen a $2 bill either, so they arrested Bolesta. It wasn’t until the Secret Service got involved as well and they confirmed the bills were legit that they let him go.

Some people don’t know that two dollar bills are real, so when Mike Bolesta used over 50 of them to make a purchase at a Best Buy store, an encounter with the police and Secret Service ensued. In this clip from The Two Dollar Bill Documentary, see the story of what happened when a cashier was unsure of the quirky currency.

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