Man Builds 30 ft Model Replica of a Battleship

Model build by William Terra, Maine, USA
Kit Manufacturer Scratch build
Scale 1:20
Additional Information The model is a scratch build like a canoe using 2,54 – 10,16 cm (1 – 4 in) basswood strips and then covered with fiberglass.
The estimated weight of 318 kg (700 lbs).
The beam is 1,32 meters (52 in).
The length is about 9,1 meter (30 feet).
It can carry 2 persons.
The model is powered by a 15 hp (11,2 kW) outboard engine under the rear gun turret.
It can sail 24 kilometers per hour (15 mph).
Furthermore, the model has a music system build in.
While William Terra cruise the lakes of Maine he enjoy listening to Wagner.
The Commander-in-Chief in the photographs below is William Terra.
William Terra would like to see more models build on this scale.
Construction time 4 years, so far. It is estimated to require at least two more years of work to make the model complete.

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