Man Builds Snowy LEGO Backyard Forest Complete With LEGO Train


British vlogger Half-Asleep Chris created this incredible snowy forest in his backyard for his enormous LEGO train to ride through in order to give gifts to cats Bella and Ralph.

Chris built the train in April of 2021 and let it run free everywhere in his house and his garden.

Chris put a snowy holiday spin onto it. He also made a small “forest” of evergreen trees that he sprinkled white and built an ice cave out of LEGO.

Built a Giant LEGO Train in a Snowy Forest! I built the ultimate winter adventure for my LEGO Cargo Train, including a REAL forest inside a giant snowglobe, a LEGO winter village, a storybook tunnel, an ice cave, a gingerbread village, and even the northern lights!

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