The Many Versions of Daredevil’s Costume


There were many discussions about Daredevil costume of Ben Affleck when we saw the character’s in its first motion film. Some complimented and some did not. But for those who went against it, should definitely change their opinions. I, on the other hand, found it incredible and still haven’t lost my interest towards the attire. The mask was one thing I totally dig and the suit was no less. The color scheme was up to the mark; especially the logo being embossed is a great final touch.


Then more creativity came ahead when Charlie Cox introduced the new outfit, when he acted as the new Daredevil in the television series, airing on Netflix. Everybody fell in love with the series and considered it better than the movie. When Charlie Cox debuted as the blind vigilante, his first Daredevil outfit was the simple black apparel with red lining and wore a mask with no eye holes.  That happened to turn out well for Season 1, until it changed in the finale when Matt Murdock introduced the new Daredevil outfit in maroon.


The Daredevil costumes from the TV series have become such a huge hit that these fans here nailed the look!


The Daredevil jacket is on sale at an online store called Fjackets. Have a look below.


It looks cool, right? However, did you know, this new Daredevil costume idea was inspired from the Armored Daredevil suit?


If you noticed in Season 1’s Finale when Wilson Fisk was using the rod against Daredevil, you might have observed the sparks coming out from the mask while he was being hit, leaving Daredevil less damaged. This design occurred during the 90’s when Marvel decided that they should cut off the costume that looked simple, and redesign the entire Daredevil suit in a manner that will look modern and badass.


Apart from the color combination of the maroon and black outfit in the series, the original color does look radical as well. Another fun fact, did you know Charlie Cox shared his interest in being in Captain America: Civil War? There were rumors about him being in Team Cap, but sadly he won’t. But if it happened, wouldn’t it be awesome if Charlie Cox appears in the movie wearing the actual Armored Daredevil suit?

The fans are trying on their version by making the best of the yellow Daredevil costume at the conventions.  It was the first costume of Daredevil that had the single ‘D’ as its logo.


Here is another variation of his costume. What do you think about this Shadowland Daredevil costume?


For a blind vigilante looking good in his maroon suit with the variations of his signature horned costume taking on the bad guys using only his fists and his heightened senses, this Shadowland’s Daredevil outfit have given Matt Murdock a different act. You can relate this to the Symbiote Spiderman suit, which you know darn well, what it did to Peter Parker. The same happened to Matt Murdock, as the demon possessed him, which made Matt commit all sorts of heinous acts, including the murdering of Bullseye.

If they have plans for bringing the Shadowland’s Daredevil to the series, they should look forward to it or at least on the show when Iron Fist airs. I think it would be a perfect team up.

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