MARIO STRIKERS: BATTLE LEAGUE New Characters Comes In Free Update


Nintendo’s Mario Strikers: Battle League, the famous sequel in their action fantasy soccer series has added some great new content in a free update. In the new update, Nintendo has added two new characters to the playable roster, Bowser Jr. and Birdo.

In regards to playstyle, Bowser Jr. is a balanced striker delivering precise passes and valuable assists for any team looking to show their mettle, whereas Birdo is an offensive powerhouse. Birdo is set to overwhelm teammates and rivals alike with strong shots. It’s time to put all the eggs in the other team’s basket!

Aside from the two new great additions to the roster the update also contains some new extras as well. First, we are getting Shellfish Gear, a new gear set that will boost stats such as speed and technique. After that is the new Urban Rooftop Stadium, where players can take Battle League to new heights in the picturesque Urban Rooftop stadium! In addition to using the stadium in matches, players can also set it as their club stadium. The last part of the update is the addition of the Quick Chat feature; players will be able to choose pre-determined messages to convey to other players during online play. It’s time to support your teammates or tease your rivals.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is available on Nintendo Switch.

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