Mark Hamill Had a Greak Joke About Trump Appearing Next To Darth Vader


On April 6 when Donald Trump jumped into the press cabin aboard the presidential airliner Airforce One to answer some questions about his missile strike in Syria. And in a truly “truth is stranger than fiction” twist, he delivered his comments just as Darth Vader made his Rogue One debut on the monitor next to Trump’s face.

The internet responded quickly. But one Twitter junkie— journalist and Star Wars toy collector Brent Ashcroft — went a step further on Friday: He asked Mark Hamill for a reaction on the photo.


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That’s his tweet:

The Luke Skywalker actor responded to Ashcroft’s tweeted inquiry with sham confusion. “Rogue One?” Hamill asked. “I thought they were just screening Steve Bannon’s home movies.”


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If you don’t know Bannon, he is Trump’s controversial Chief Strategist and the former executive chair of “platform for the alt-right” Breitbart News. He is also, by his own admission, an admirer of those who attains power through “darkness.”

“Darkness is good,” Bannon said in a 2016 interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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