Mark Ruffalo Shares Video From Top Secret MCU Photoshoot

Mark Ruffalo 

Mark Ruffalo posted a video on his Facebook page shows most of the cast from every MCU movie to-date under one roof for some type of top secret photoshoot.

Ruffalo moves around the room and showing many of the actors, some talking to the camera.

In the video, Vin Diesel cheerfully reveals that he wants to see Hulk and Groot team up.

But many of the actors respond to Ruffalo shocked that he’s actually recording.  At one point Samuel L. Jackson asks Ruffalo “What the fuck are you doing? You’re fuckin’ crazy!” Evangeline Lilly says “This is supposed to be secret.” And Captain Marvel herself Brie Larson even added: “You’re not supposed to do this!” He simply replies: “Oh shit, I’m not supposed to do that, Barry am I in trouble?”

Now I know you must be thinking, what is this photo going to be for and why is it so “Secret?” Well, that is a million dollar question right now, and no I don’t have the answer. Check out the videos below:

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