Martin Scorsese In Talks To Direct Angelina Jolie’s CLEOPATRA

Martin Scorsese

Sony Pictures executives are now looking at hiring Martin Scorsese to direct Angelina Jolie’s Cleopatra project. The studio has already had a meeting with the director, and thanks to, Details on the proposal for him to direct the movie from an email sent by Mark Wyman to studio executives.

“He had a conversation with Rick. He said that Marty is interesting, but the proposal will have to ‘impress him’ and he will want a good rate of development and producer credit. He mentioned that he will begin shooting Silencesoon, you know something about this film?

“He (Rick) told me that Marty received more than 10MM by Lobo (Wallstreet) and Hugo (Cabret). He (Martin) also said that Daniel Day Lewis and Leo (DiCaprio) would have to be in Cleo, along with Angelina (Jolie).

“He also mentioned a must with Paramount, but he said ‘Amy knows about it,’ with the implication that ok Paramount co-finance only because ‘Amy knows.’ I told him that this could be an obstacle, but maybe they could be passive financiers no right to distribution, which he thought might work.

“Let’s see what happens.”

Will love to see trio working together,  Scorsese, DiCaprio, and Day-Lewis will team up for the Cleopatra,  They previously worked together on the insanely fantastic Gangs of New York.

Here are the three responses that Wyman received:

“We need to be equal partners, so this is certainly something to offer for Paramount. I’d hate to have to give up any distribution in such a film.” – Doug Belgrad

“Angie, Leo, Daniel? I’ll believe until there…” – Amy Pascal

“I hate the phrase ‘impress you’ (blow him away in the original), it seems that we have to bribe you to do this.” –Michael De Luca 

It doesn’t look like Scorsese has committed to the project yet, but we are hoping he will be.

“Cleopatra? Marty is committing?” – Jeff Robinov

“Marty’s version of Cleopatra is very complicated… but it’s just my opinion.” – Pascal

Finger’s crossed!!

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