Martin Scorsese’s HBO Series VINYL Got a Brilliant New Trailer

Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger's HBO Series VINYL

Martin Scorsese and the team of Boardwalk Empire is collaborating for Terrence Winter and rock ‘n roll legend Mick Jagger to launch a new HBO series called Vinyl. If you haven’t seen Boardwalk Empire, then you should leave whatever you are doing and watch that HBO masterpiece today.


He told Deadline:

“I’m in all stages of production, selecting directors, working in the tonal meetings and, of course, selecting the music. When I first started using recorded music it was in Mean Streets, and this project is something natural and close to my heart. I’m going to continue to be involved as much as possible in all episodes and I hope that I can out time to direct a few more shows.”

Vinyl will hit HBO on February 14th.


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