Marvel Fan Pays $91,000 for Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the newest and most advanced Android phone on the market right now, and The Avengers is the most popular superhero movie franchise. When you put the two together, there’s sure to be some interest. The limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge has been fetching obscene prices on eBay, but one Chinese fan just paid an unbelievable $91,000 for one.

  Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge

The Iron Man edition is certainly rare with only 1,000 being released for the time being. Most eBay auctions run into multiple thousands of dollars, but the device itself isn’t much different from the standard Galaxy S6 Edge. It has a 5.1-inch 1440p AMOLED, 64GB of storage, 3GB of RAM, and a 16MP OIS camera. What makes it special is the slick red-gold paint job and the Iron Man head on the back panel. It also comes with a wireless charger done up to look like the arc reactor.

Each of these devices is individually numbered, which is why this particular phone went for such a high price. This was unit number 66 of 1,000, and the number six is considered a lucky number in China. So 66 is like double the luck. Online retailer ran the auction that resulted in the whopping $91,000 sale price. The retail price of the Iron Man phone is a mere $1,079.

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