Marvel New Release Dates for DEADPOOL 3, FANTASTIC FOUR, SECRET WARS, and More


Disney has revealed a major overhaul of its release schedule for many of its upcoming movies and these changes push the release of the MCU’s Phase 6 all the way to 2025.

The movies that are included in these date changes include Blade, Deadpool 3Fantastic Four, and Avengers: Secret Wars, and another untitled Marvel movie, earlier dated 5/1/26, was pulled from the schedule completely.

These release date changes came after Marvel Studios chose to put its upcoming Blade movie on hold after director Bassim Tariq exited the project a few weeks ago. Not long after that happened, it was reported that the script would be getting a full rewrite, from Moon Knight writer Beau DeMayo.

Here’s a breakdown of the new release date changes:

  • Blade moves from 11/3/23 to 9/6/24

  • Untitled Deadpool movie moves from 9/6/24 to 11/8/24

  • Fantastic Four moves from 11/8/24 to 2/14/25

  • Untiled Marvel Movie moves from 2/14/25 to 11/7/25

  • Avengers: Secret Wars moves from 11/7/25 to 5/1/26

When the Blade movie got put on hold after it lost its director, I knew that it would get a release date change. What I didn’t know is that would shift all of the other release dates!

As for Blade, Marvel is temporarily shutting down production-related activities in Atlanta, where the project was going to start shooting in November. They are looking to restart production in early 2023.

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