Marvel Phase 3 Upcoming Movies Infographic

Graphic artist Dylan Todd updated the Marvel upcoming movie’s infograhic with yesterdays Marvel Phase 3 announcements, Now this chart will look into the future and tell you what to expect in the next 6 years.

Few things to remember:

  • 2016 and 2018 each have 7 films, but 2017 has an insane amount with 10.
  • The average ticket price in Los Angeles is $13.50. If tickets prices hold for the next 6 years (yeah right), it will cost me $526.50 to watch all 39 movies. This doesn’t consider inflation, rising ticket prices, 3D, or IMAX screening.
  • If the average budget for these films is $170 million, it will cost at least $6.6 billion dollars to make all 39 movies. This does not factor in the larger movies like The Avengers or The Justice League or the marketing costs, which can be substantial.
  • Marvel Studios made $7 billion from 10 films. If averages hold that would be $11 billion in box office. Which would be enough to bank roll the production and marketing of all the superhero movies of FOX, Sony, and Warner Bros. combined.

Marvel Phase 3 Upcoming Movies Infographic

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