MarvelCase Air Qi iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Case Is On KickStarter

iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Case

Cupertino, California Developer Erdene J Artan created a new iPhone 7 wireless charging case designed especially for Qi technology and it is called MarvelCase Air.

Marvelcase Air Maroon worn by black iPhone 7 Plus

MarvelCase Air seamlessly works with all Qi standard charger devices including AirPower Mat, Starbucks’ Powermat, and Samsung chargers, here are some words from the developer website:

Despite alternatives, namely A4WP and PMA standards, Qi has now been established as the universal wireless charging standard. As the technology matured, the WPC was joined by and the Qi standard embraced by hundreds more of manufacturers, deepening the pool of technical expertise and strengthening the standard.

In a recent milestone event Qi has finally been endorsed and adopted by Apple Inc. It incorporated the Qi wireless charging technology in its newest generation of iPhones (iPhone 8 and iPhone X) and the AirPower charging mat. Today Qi wireless charging technology can be found in a variety of household products such as Ikea branded household furnishings as well as in public venues such as Starbucks coffee shops, airports, and restaurants. This explosive growth of wireless charger devices is further fueled by a wide adoption of wireless charging by car manufacturers and furniture makers.

Marvelcase Air Charcoal Black worn by black iPhone 7 Plus

Marvelcase Air Maroon details

Wireless charging capability on any Qi wireless charger including Apple's new AirPower Mat, Starbucks' Powermat and Samsung chargers

The MarvelCase Air Qi iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Case is now available to back via Kickstarter with early bird pledges starting from just $40 and you will get it from November 2017. Check out the link below for more information.

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