Mass Effect: Andromeda Combat Video is Here!

Mass Effect Andromeda

Electronic Arts and developer BioWare released another video and in the video, you can see the fighting aspect of the upcoming game. The latest glimpse at Andromeda comes in the form of a five-minute YouTube video showing off the basics of combat and how the game lets players progress, upgrade weapons, and add new skills.

Mass Effect essentials are here, including Halo-style firefights badass physics-bending skills which are straight out of science fiction.

The biggest change in the game is the elimination of specific classes in Andromeda. In previous entries in the series, players picked certain roles that restricted what skills and attributes they could attain, but that trade-off came with definitive strengths you could look forward to. Andromeda is favoring a more free-wheeling approach without specific classes.

Mass Effect: Andromeda hit the stores March 21 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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