Masters of the Universe Movie Is Coming With McG, Be Very Excited!

Masters of the Universe

The Masters of the Universe is in the process for many year but it was announced recently that McG was in talks to direct the movie, and then again, radio silence… until now. McG spoke with IGN extensively about the upcoming film and offered optimism about the status of it happening.

“It’s a very exciting moment for Masters of the Universe,” the director said. “We have a big meeting with Sony regarding prep of the movie on Wednesday. And we’re in the middle of a bit of a script polish, and it’s my absolute passion. I’m laser-focused on that being my next film. But I mean, you know how it works in contemporary filmmaking. You really, really have to earn the good will of the parent studio, and Tom Rothman runs a tight ship at Sony, and we’re going to get there. I’m so happy to report that to the fans.”

When asked about the tone of his film, compared to the 1987 adaptation of the fan-favorite toyline, McG revealed they’re looking at the Marvel Studios model for their approach, saying:

“I think we want to honor the fan base, first and foremost. We also need to be cognizant of the incredible resonance of what Kevin Feige is doing with Marvel, and the balance of full-bodied entertainment. That it’s both credible and emotional, action-packed, and the story of a hero’s journey. It’s the genesis of He-Man, it’s the becoming of He-Man. We want it to be clicking on all cylinders in that regard. We’re not going to stop until we get it right. Listen, I love that movie with Frank [Langella] and Dolph [Lundgren]. I watch it, and it’s a tremendous pleasure for me to watch. I’m raised on the toys, and I’m down at Mattel all the time. We’re just really focused on getting it right. I want it to be full-bodied entertainment that respects the fan base, and is more emotional than you might imagine, inventive and original. Obviously, we’re all cognizant of what’s going on with Game of Thrones. It’s incredible. We’re cognizant of what’s going on in Guardians of the Galaxy. James Gunn’s doing a great job. We’re going to try to answer the call and take it higher.”

The director also teased that the film is “laregely an Eternia story,” in direct opposition of the 1987 film and also teased a meeting with actor Kellan Lutz about playing the title role, but cemented that casting hasn’t yet begun.

How cool is that! 80s kids will be on their tows now (myself included) this is what we saw all our childhood and now it is coming on to the big screen! what you think?


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