Matt Damon Explains The Differences Between THE MARTIAN and INTERSTELLAR

The Martian

Damon has speaking to Yahoo and explaining the differences between The Martian and Interstellar

“I’d never met Ridley [Scott], not even in passing. I went in to meet him, then I signed on really quickly. I went in and I said, I really love this script, but my only hesitation is I’ve just done Interstellar, in which I played a dude stranded on a planet, it might be weird if, after taking a year and a half off, I played another dude stranded on a planet. I explained Interstellar to him, and he said ‘The movies are totally f***ing different, this is going to be f***ing fun. Let’s do this!’ He was so infectious, I couldn’t really say no to him.”

The actor also spoke a little about how this film will be different from other Mars-related movies, many of which haven’t done very well at the box office:

“One of the biggest differences is it’s primarily me on my own for a lot of it. That’s the big challenge. It has all the bells and whistles of NASA and the b-side of the story, the rest of the world trying to get this guy back. But the other half of the movie is me and Ridley on Mars, so that part’s different. You start there, there’s that mystery – what happened, how did he get left there? The mission part is the b-side, trying to figure out how to get back. So, structurally it’s different to anyone that’s ever been done.”

Release Date October 2nd, 2015.

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