MaxiGiftCards: 6 Best Sports Games for Xbox One

The coronavirus pandemic has shut down all major sports worldwide. As sports fans, there isn’t much we can do about it. However, what we can do is sit back and enjoy playing our favorite sports in the form of video games.

If you’re looking for some quality sports games for your Xbox One, you’re in luck. There are a lot of options available on sites like MaxiGiftCards. No matter what kinds of sports you like, there are always three or four options to choose from. Instead of doing your research, we’ve decided to give you our top picks.

We will start with the legendary title “FIFA” and its latest release.


1. FIFA 2020

FIFA is one of the best sports games on all consoles and PCs, not just Xbox One. It’s a legendary title that released the first game in 1993. If you are a fan of soccer (football), you really don’t have to look for anything else than FIFA 20. The gameplay is designed to resemble a real soccer game.

It has several playing modes, various multiplayer options, fantastic physics, and complex game mechanics you will need to master. Compared to the previous release, the graphics have been seriously updated, and it can sometimes be difficult to tell if you’re watching a real game or playing a video game.

NBA 2K20

2. NBA 2K20

The first 2K game came out in 1999. Ever since then, this franchise has swept all other competing NBA games. This game lets you live your dreams and become the basketball player you always dreamed of. It has a lot of content that isn’t monotone and boring.

Both new and old players will enjoy 2K20. New players should practice against AI until they become good enough to play against people. Game mechanics are delicate, and the more you play, the more you learn new things and improve your gameplay. Get it from MaxiGiftCards to get started.

The Crew Ultimate Edition

3. The Crew Ultimate Edition

The Crew is a racing game that includes cars, planes, boats, and even bikes. It’s one of the few full open-world racing games you can find. It’s an addictive arcade racing game that has a huge world and offers many hours of exploration. Even though the game has some downsides, it’s ultimately very fun to play.

What’s even better is that it has a multiplayer option where you and your friends can join each other in this massive world, finish missions together, or race against other people. The ultimate edition includes two expansion packs and some added content you can download – log on to MaxiGiftCards to get all the bonuses.


4. SnowRunner

SnowRunner is the third game from the Spintires series. After “Spintires” and “MudRunner,” the series continued with their best edition so far. It’s one of the best off-roading gaming experiences ever released if you aren’t familiar with this off-road truck-driving simulation.

In SnowRunner, you have three large maps: Michigan, Alaska, and Russia. Each of them has its own sets of challenges, vehicles, contracts, and upgrades. You finish contracts by fixing bridges, driving materials, towing vehicles, and so on.

You can buy better trucks when you get enough money and upgrade your current vehicles. It’s a very addictive simulation game with amazing physics and different terrains.

Project Cars 2

5. Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 is the second installment of the series, and it comes with many improvements. The issues the first game had been removed while the mechanics, graphics, and physics are improved. This racing game is meant more for people who like realistic racing simulations that will challenge them.

The game looks amazing, has a nice career mode with various disciplines, many tracks, and a day-night cycle that makes the driving experience dynamic. Head over to MaxiGiftCards and grab yourself a copy.

NHL 20

6. NHL 20

The NHL games have died out a bit in the last couple of years. However, EA was determined to revive them and give players something that they will like playing. We can honestly say that they were able to do just that.

NHL 20 has impressive graphics, realistic gameplay, and complex mechanics. You can pick up pucks, skate in many different ways, and nice fluidity to the game. It feels like a full game and not a glitch session.


Before You Go

Remember that you can get all of these games at MaxiGiftCards at a reasonable price. Choose your favorite sport and enjoy it!

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