McDonald’s Locations in the World

lavish and unusual McDonald’s Locations in the World

With over 33,000 restaurants serving nearly 68 million people in 119 countries every single day, McDonald’s is the hallmark of ubiquity [Source]. Since 1954, McDonald’s has spread across the globe to become one of the most recognized brands in the world.

With over 33,000 locations there will undoubtedly be storefronts and exteriors that are unique and unusual. From old conversions to modern builds, the face of McDonald’s restaurant can be quite varied and even representative of its city’s architecture/history.

On Flickr, there is a comprehensive library of locations called McDonald’s Storefronts. Started in May of 2006, there are currently 11,866 photos and 1,058 members. It’s an incredible undertaking and quite fascinating to browse through. Below is a small collection of unusual McDonald’s locations around the world. If there are any glaring omissions, please let us know in the comments so we can add them to this list!

Art Deco McDonald’s in Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia

Art Deco McDonalds in Blue Hour and HDR

Photograph by Tim McRae on Flickr

 McDonald’s at Galleria Vittoria Emanuele in Milan, Italy

McDonalds en La Cúpula - Milan

Photograph by Michael Jean on Flickr

 McDonald’s Airplane in Taupo, New Zealand

would you like fries with your flight?

Photograph by Kerry Myers (kfm9211 on Flickr)

McDonald’s on Piac utca in Debrecen, Hungary

Debrecen, Piac utca - Arany János utcai Mcdonalds

Photograph by Tibor Kósa on Flickr

McDonald’s in Higashiomi, Shiga, Japan

Dream house

Photograph by Noah’s Ark on Flickr

McDonald’s on the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, USA

Burgers on the Strip

Photograph by chrisshots on Flickr

 Colonial McDonald’s in Independence, Ohio


Photograph by So Cal Metro on Flickr

 McDonald’s in Porto, Portugal

Porto- McDonalds

Photograph by Mark Hogan on Flickr

Sand Lake Road McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida, USA


Photograph by Stephan Mehrer on Flickr

 McDonald’s on the Water in Aswan, Egypt


Photograph by Zeldenrust on Flickr

McDonald’s River Boat on the Mississippi River, St. Louis, MO

19880115 10 Mississippi River @ St. Louis, MO

Photograph by David Wilson on Flickr

 Old McDonald’s in Bergen, Norway

#10 Bergen

Photograph by Einar Seyland on Flickr

Retro McDonald’s in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, USA

Retro McDonalds

Photograph by Robert Magina on Flickr

 McDonald’s in Ohrid, Macedonia

Mc Donald's

Photograph by MatHelium on Flickr

 McDonald’s in Downtown Hangzhou, China

2010-12-11 Hangzhou-34

Photograph by Mr. Henning on Flickr

 McDonald’s in Kristiansand, Norway

mcdonalds kristiansand

Photograph by dyrnes on Flickr

Route 66 McDonald’s in Vinita, Oklahoma, USA

glass house mcdolnds

Photograph by Alan Berning on Flickr

Cast Iron McDonald’s on Canal Street, New York City, USA

Cast-iron McDonalds, Canal Street between Lafayette Street and Courtlandt Alley. New York City, New York.

Photograph by Dan Haneckow on Flickr

 McDonald’s in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi McDonald's

Photograph by Chuck Moravec on Flickr

 McDonald’s on Eastern Long Island, USA

McDonalds on Eastern Long Island - No glitz

Photograph by kn2y on Flickr

McDonald’s in Bray Town Hall, Ireland

McDonalds Fast Food Restaurant in Bray is located in the historic Town Hall

Photograph by William Murphy on Flickr

McDonald’s in Lindau, Germany

McDonalds - Lindau

Photograph by Cody Ash on Flickr

 McDonald’s in Chinatown, New York City, USA

Chinatown: McDonald's

Photograph by Andriy Prokopenko on Flickr

McDonald’s in Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

McDonalds, Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW

Photograph by dunedoo on Flickr

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