McDonald’s Worker Delivered McWoopin After Customer Attacks Her Over Straw


A McDonald’s worker protects herself after a homeless man attacks her over straw on New Year’s Eve.

Yasmine James told him that a new law passed and they can only give out straws when asked. He didn’t believe her, started screaming and snatched her up.

And she delivered an extra serving of McWoopin, watch the video below:

Yasmine James, who knows boxing from her cousin, threw hard punch after the man jumped at her. Fellow coworkers stood by idly.

He hit another female employee in the abdomen on the way out.

She told CBS her manager didn’t come to her aid because they’ve never received proper training to deal with unruly customers.

I don’t want it to be blamed on him, I want to blame it on the way he was trained ’cause he is not a bad manager. It’s just that when that thing happened it’s like he didn’t know what to do.

She also had to call 911 herself because no one did.

She’s suffered a swollen thigh and back pains after the incident. She hasn’t been to see a doctor because she doesn’t have health insurance. She just uses ice and ibuprofen to relieve the pain.

Police in the US city of St Petersburg, Florida, have charged 40-year-old Daniel Taylor with two counts of simple battery.

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