Meet China’s Photoshop Trolls

Photoshop is a great and powerful tool. It can take ordinary pictures and make them spectacular… or make them horrible. In China, there are many people with awesome Photoshop skills, and those who don’t have any ability usually ask people for help online. Sometimes these requests go wrong. Horribly wrong.

Basically, this is what’s going on: someone has a boring photo and posts it online. These posters ask Photoshop gurus to edit the photo to make it more interesting. Unfortunately for the original poster, sometimes internet commenters take the photos and run wild.

In addition to the Photoshop requests that go wrong, Chinese netizens (like internet users everywhere) also like messing with photos posted by strangers. Sometimes, seemingly harmless photos get tweaked and edited to create hilarious images.

Below are a round of some of the Photoshop mishaps found on the Chinese internet.

Chinese Photoshops

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