Mel Gibson Will Be The Villain In Expendables 3 ?

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Mel Gibson Will Be The Villain In Expendables 3?

The news comes from Showbiz411 who says, “I’m told that Gibson will appear in The Expendables 3, the third installment of Sylvester Stallone’s shoot em up series that also features his former Planet Hollywood buddies and partners Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. There’s no confirmation, but the source seemed serious.”

The site goes on to say that if the rumor is true, he will play the villain, which is great! It’s no secret that Mel Gibson’s career has taken a hit due to his exploits, but the guy is still incredibly talented and we absolutely love him as Villain, and I hope he starts making awesome films again.

So Mel Gibson as a villain ! he is already been Villain for some people but still do you want to see him as a Villain in the Expendables 3?

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